Lost Movies, now on DVD

Posted by James on 8/14/2015 to New Products

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At Deep 13, we strive to gain access to movies that have gone out of print over the years. Many classics remained only in our memory, until now. Some examples of these out of print movies now on DVD include


DEADLY PREY: A rambo knock off featuring the typical hunted become the hunter scenario. Mike Danton kills about 100 bad guys in this cult classic.

THE JOKER IS WILD: Frank Sinatra stars as a singer who gets on the wrong side of organized crime.

THE SAVAGE: Charlton Heston is a white man raised by Indians. His ties are then tested.

ISLAND OF TERROR: Peter Cushing stars in this monster classic about bone drinking creatures.

THE MATING SEASON: An original comedy from the 1950s about an overly curious mother in law.

WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS: A fantasy classic from the late 1970s. Also known as Warriors of the Deep.


Soon to come:

Turkish Star Wars


Sea Devils

Rescue From Gilligan's Island

The Last Shark


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