Turkish Ripoff Specials

Posted by James on 8/30/2015 to New Products
Turkish Ripoff Specials

There are several notable slams against American copyright that the Turkish film industry has provided over the years.

They include: Turkish Star Wars, Turkish Star Trek, and 3 Giant Men. All 3 of these classics are available for sale at Deep 13 Movies


Turkish Star Wars (Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam or The Man Who Saves The World) is about two turkish pilots who crash land on some other planet (not really made clear), and must take down a wizard to save the earth. Fortunately, the earth is surrounded by concentrated brain matter (making it look like the death star), and is guarded on it's own. This movie features "stock" footage from star wars, and a soundtrack from indiana jones.


Turkish Star Trek (Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda) is an installment of the popular "Omer the Tourist" series. It features an obnoxious, unfunny tourist Omer, who is beamed about the enterprise. Ironically, this is the first feature film about star trek, as it predates the american movie series by 6 years.

3 Dev Adam (3 Giant Men) is about an evil gangster spiderman who steal art and kills maidens. The turkish government calls on Captain America and El Santo to bring spider-man to justice. Yes, that is a correct synopsis. Yes, spider man is evil. He beheads one girl graphically, fornicates with his girlfriend, and clones himself. And yes, Captain America and El Santo (The famous Mexican Wrestler), are partners. It must be seen to be believed.

All 3 of these films feature turkish audio with english subtitles. They have been adapted from the best available copies of the film, and have been restored as much as possible. They are all Region 0 DVDs, and will work on american DVD players.


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