October Specials: Dracula and Son

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Dracula and Son: DVD available for sale now!

October Specials: Blood Beach

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Blood Beach DVD

Blood Beach is a horror film best known for it's tagline "Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, you can't get to it." Essentially, it is Jaws in the sand. An alien or monster lurks in the sand, as situation after situation draws people onto a known deathtrap.

October Focus: Horror Films

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This October, we are highlighting some of our rare horror movies on sale. All of which can be grabbed at a 15% discount using the promo code "launch" at checkout.

These titles include:

Warlords Of Atlantis on DVD

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Warlords of Atlantis is now available for purchase on DVD. Also known as Warlords of the deep, this 1978 fantasy classic stars Doug McClure, Shane Rimmer, and Peter Gilmore. It is about an expedition that veers way off course and winds up on the sunken contenent of Atlantis. 

Buy Warlords of Atlantis on DVD

Love Among The Ruins DVD

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