Blood Beach DVD
Blood Beach DVD

Blood Beach DVD

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Blood Beach

Something or someone is murdering people one by one at the beach. Some of victims are left mutilated, but most of them get sucked deep into the sand, never to be seen again… When a women's mother falls victim to the mysterious entity, she teams up with her old boyfriend as they search for clues that will reveal the true horror responsible for the killings. This early 80’s classic more than makes up with suspense for what it lacks in budget. It's like Jaws, but in the sand

Directed by Jeffery Bloom

Writers: Jeffery Bloom and Steven Nalevansky

Stars: Burt Young, Marianna Hill, John Saxson, David Huffman, and Otis Young

Aspect Ratio: Full screen

NTSC Region 0

English language only, no subtitles


Runtime: 89 minutes

Original Release: 1980

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