Interzone DVD
Interzone DVD

Interzone DVD

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The world is a nuclear disaster except for the INTERZONE—a mysterious paradise with equally mysterious inhabitants protected by a spectacular treasure. But they lie in fear, as renegade tribes anxiously plot their chance to break through. In their last efforts, the Interzone sends Panasonic, a loyal member to seek out their one hope—alone warrior by the name of Swan. But after a gruesome battle and the death of his new love, Swan’s ingenious plan fails, and he is to be hanged! Right before his execution, he betrays the zone and reveals the only weak point in the force… In desperation, Panasonic performs his final magic and transfers his life to Swan, giving Swan a second chance to save the world. But can he salvage his own betrayal A Mad Max/Road Warrior style ripoff.

Stars Bruce Abbott, Beatrice Ring & Teagan Clive

Directed by Deran Sarafian

Written by Claudio Fragasso & Deran Sarafian


English Language Audio Only

Aspect Ratio: Full Screen


Original Release: 1987

Runtime:  97 Minutes

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