Retropie Video Game System

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Raspberry Pi 3 retropie system: This emulation system is preloaded with hundreds of classic video games spanning 1970s- 2000s. It's a loaded raspberry Pi with thousands of games/emulators, similar to the SNES classic or NES classic. Incuded: 1x Retropie system (pi3 with 16GB SD card) 1x Retropie Power supply cable 1x HDMI cable 1x SNES style USB contoller Keyboard: not included, but recommended for making advanced system changes Game Counts: Nintendo Entertainment System-783 SNES - 784 Gameboy- 599 Gameboy color- 1001 Gameboy advanced- 500 Atari 2600 - 2541 Sega 32x - 36 Sega mega drive (genesis) - 951 Sega master system- 364 Sega Gamegear - 661 MAME (Arcade) - 2271 SG-1000 - 94 Pc engine - 664 Neogeo pocket- 11 Neogeo pocket color - 148 N64 - 298 Playstation- 103 N64/PS regrettably suffer from framerate performance issues. Some games are varations/revisions, and therefore duplicate titles. All game emulators have been optimized for a 1080P TV, while displaying at their original aspect ratio.

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