Survival Zone DVD
Survival Zone DVD

Survival Zone DVD

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Survival Zone

In a post-nuclear world, a happy family of ranchers is beseiged by a roving band of marauders who want to eat the men and mate with the women. Having already killed and eaten an entire church full of nuns, the family has no choice but to grab their rifles and defend their homestead. Meanwhile, the lonely and nubile daughter begins to have feelings for the buff blond stranger with no family who has wandered onto the property. Its romance, intrigue, action, and violence on the Dark Continent! A post-apocalyptic ripoff of Mad Max

Stars Gary Lockwood, Camilia Sparv & Morgan Stevens

Directed by Percival Rubens

Written by Eric Brown & Percival Rubens


English Language Audio Only

Aspect Ratio: Full Screen


Original Release: 1983

Runtime:  90 Minutes

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