W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings DVD

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W.W. is a happy-go-lucky crook who makes his living robbing gas stations. The Dixie Dancekings are a country music band trying to get their first big break. W.W. crosses paths with the Dixie Dancekings when he hijacks their car (and them) to help him rob a bank. At first, the band resists. However, when they see the finances of crime, they begin helping out voluntarily in order to finance their big break. At the same time, W.W. takes a liking to them and uses his charm and wit to help them start down the road to fame.

Directed by John Avildsen

Written by Thomas Rickman

Stars Burt Reynolds, Art Carney, and Ned Beatty



Aspect Ratio: Full Screen / Color

English Language Audio

Original Release: 1975

Runtime: 91 minutes

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